LITERAMED PUBLICATIONS (NIG.) LIMITED was established in April 1969. Its first publication was the monumental quarterly pharmaceutical index, the MEDIPHARM. After this initial sucess, it has always been success stories. Over the years, the company has developed books in other subjects areas such as education, philosophy, children's books, religion etc, under the imprint of Lantern Books. As an evidence of these success stories, our books are clearly indentifiable as they carry an archetype - Tortoise - a wily character, symbolic in traditional Yoruba myth. Furthermore, the books are carefully developed and designed to meet various needs.

Sample pictures:

Our Philosophy
The company specialises in the development of Pre-Primary/Nursery and Primary School Books under the label - Master Krafty Books. This observable consistency and steady focus makes us unique. The Labels, Master Krafty Books and Lantern Books, are known for their high quality features, standard illustrations and up-to-date information.

Our Motto
"for educationally sound foundation" is a confirmation of what we intend to achieve with all our publicati